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Zach Adelman


Zach Adelman

Contact Info:

Dr. Zach Adelman
Associate Professor
(540) 231-6614

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Dr. Adelman seeks to understand genetic components of the mosquito antiviral immune system, as well as develop genetic tools for probing mosquito-virus interactions.

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Dr. Adelman’s research program focuses on viruses and mosquitoes. He seeks to understand, at the molecular and genetic level, how these viruses infect, replicate, and are transmitted by mosquitoes to humans. He also seeks to understand the mosquito immune response to these viruses, as unlike people, mosquitoes do not become ill when infected with these deadly viruses. Only by understanding genetic changes in the mosquito, genetic changes in the virus, as well as the effects of different environmental situations can one truly hope to prevent mosquito-borne viral outbreaks. The long-term application of Adelman’s research is to use this information to design and implement new methods of controlling or preventing mosquito-borne viral disease outbreaks. This includes using genetics to block the mosquito’s ability to transmit viruses, and the development of new diagnostic tools to identify mosquitoes that are more likely to participate in an outbreak.